'Emergence' Workshops and Retreats in The Roundhouse


Give yourself the gift of renewing your connection with Nature, both the natural world without and the vast natural world within. These workshops are designed to place you back into a simple, deepening relationship with the Earth and that part of Earth we carry around with us constantly, our bodies.



Coming home to our inner selves is finding that place of pure being, in contrast to the world of constant activity and thought. Rather than frustratingly trying to quieten our minds,  we will sink deeper into the feeling presence in our bodies, discovering how nature whispers inside us already. Having the confidence to feel and acknowledge this connection is something indigenous cultures have always done, and the aim of sessions ir to gently lead  back to an awareness that actually we have never lost, but just covered up with our minds.


Deepening a feeling sensitivity to plants, trees and wildlife develops our ability to be present, with deep awareness and tenderness, to emotional energy held within our bodies. Once acknowledged, long held unresolved emotions can be gently held in the space of natural being and be allowed to resolve just by being held in this awareness, without the need for repeating the stories of the past. This clearing of long held energetic patterns gives new space and freedom for the natural clarity of who we truly are to be revealed - an  'emergence' into our real, and long sought for, empowered authentic Self.


If you know that there is some part of you still 'waiting in the wings'; if you feel that you are constantly talking in your head and not quite able to fully grasp life; if you would like to feel closer to nature, more at peace,  happier and less stressed, then this might be for you!


We offer personal one off or repeated personal sessions during the week by appointment. These usually last about 2 hours and can be tailored to suit your requirements and availability. We also offer one day workshops for those whose would like a deeper exploration, if you are interested in these please contact us for further details. The weekend workshops involve camping at Foxfield, using the basic outdoor facilities and eating simple vegetarian food.  All workshop sessions are based in the Foxfield garden and purpose built meditation roundhouse.


Alison Ensor is a qualified Spiritual Healer, Permaculture practitioner and natural empath and medium.  She has a sensitivity to energetic vibration and is passionate about discovering and sharing how we truly communicate and find proper relationship again with nature and by doing so, back to our real Self.


Jo Foster is an experienced Astrologer and has been following a calling to live more simply and intune with nature, including two and half years living simply in indigenous Guatamala and currently an off grid lifestyle at Foxfield. She will be offering her astrological support on the workshops and retreats for those who are interested as part of their deepening connection.


Emergence Workshops Dates


Places are limited to 4 people per workshop.

Cost : £165 including camping and all meals and refreshments.


Dates for Summer 2020 to be anounced but please contact us if you are interested.


Emergence One Day Workshops and Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions - by appointment and on donation basis.

One day Workshops - autumn and winter dates to be arranged depending on expressed interest. - £60














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