Foxfield Permaculture LAND Centre
Foxfield Permaculture LAND Centre

Private Tours of Foxfield

Private Tours run from April to October

Bookings for private individual or group tours of Foxfield LAND Centre (preferably midweek but some weekend slots available) are being taken now for April through to October. A donation of £5 per person towards costs is appreciated. Bring questions/cameras/photos of own gardens if permaculture solutions sought! Usually lasts around 90 minutes.




Foxfield Open Day 


Saturday May  28th 2022 - 10am -5pm

Come and see permaculture projects, sustainable self-build ideas, permaculture no-dig food growing; Alison will guide tours and talk about the permaculture principles involved at Foxfield and offer insight into how permaculture can work for you and your garden and lifestyle.


Open Day is free, but please contact for booking beforehand –

11am, 1pm and 3pm slots available.



Monthly Meditation in the Roundhouse – taking expressions of interest

Suggested time -9.30am 1st Tuesday or Wednesday of the month


With the intention to deepen a practice of silent meditation in a group and create a sense of community and shared energy in the quiet of a purpose built strawbale studio. If you already meditate and would like to commit to an extended practice, please contact Alison to express an interest. Please note this is not intended as a meditation teaching workshop. Day of the week could be flexible.


Emergence: Plant Sensing & Nature Intuitive Days

Spring - Saturday 30th April, 10-3pm

Summer – Saturday 6th August, 10-3pm

Autumn – Saturday 1st October, 10-3pm

Winter – Saturday 14th January, 10-3pm


These workshops are designed to place you back into a simple, deepening relationship with Nature and that part of Nature we carry around with us constantly, our bodies. Deepening a feeling sensitivity to plants, trees and wildlife develops our ability to be also present, with awareness and tenderness, to any emotional energy held within our bodies too. Reopening to this inner ability to listen with the body and be present to subtle experience, closes the sense of separation from Nature we often feel when focused on our thinking mind. The body can offer direct and visceral experience of a space, freedom and natural clarity of who we truly are – which I loosely term an ‘emergence' as it feels like an uncovering or breaking through to our real, authentic natural Self. Everyone has this ability, we just need help recognising that we do this all the time! Please bring packed lunch. Refreshments - teas/coffee/homemade herb teas provided £25, or £20 if you have previously attended.


Growing with Nature not Against

Saturday 4th June, 10-4pm - CANCELLED but let me know if interested and I will rearrange  


Ideas for building biodiversity, habitat creation, planting for year-round wildlife, recognising local ecosystem patterns, energy and water harnessing, soil building, living and eating more closely with the seasons, including foraging weeds! In a nutshell, how to notice when we might be seeking to control nature rather than understand and work co-creatively with it. The workshop includes a full tour of Foxfield permaculture projects. Please bring packed  lunch. Refreshments - teas/coffee/homemade herb teas provided. £25  


Self-Confidence and Creativity Days

Saturday 25th June, 10-3pm

Sunday 11th September, 10-3pm


These workshops are designed to allow you to experience a sense of play and creativity without any judgement, especially for those that find it hard not to be self-critical! With guidance Alison will lead you to an open-hearted space where you can relax enough to become a child again; finding materials to create a piece of ephemeral Nature Art; or finding a deeper space where the garden inspires a natural creativity to flow with ease, to open to a poem perhaps, or to imagine a story, or just to explore what it feels like to be free to play with natural materials. Please bring packed lunch. Refreshments - teas/coffee/homemade herb teas provided.   £25, £40 if both workshops booked.


Understanding Your Garden Eco-system

Saturday 23rd July, 10-3pm


This workshop will look at the way we mistakenly think we know what is best when gardening, often due to the inherited idea of what a garden should be and look like. Our reaction to pests and weeds is an indicator of how much we truly understand about the nature in a garden. Questions like - How do I get rid of slugs and snails? How can I encourage beneficial insects? How can I deter aphid? What natural means are there for removing weeds? These are normal questions to most gardeners, even organic wildlife friendly ones, but they show a belief that some parts of nature are better than others and that we may need to intervene to create a ‘better balance’. In this workshop we will examine some of these basic ideas and learn how gardening can be an opportunity to notice how we separate ourselves from nature through these beliefs, a separation we are suffering on a global scale. Understanding just what a slug, weed, or insect is doing in our garden helps to reconnect with the wisdom of the whole ‘nested systems-thinking’ of Nature, so that we can be truly aware of what any of our actions are doing to the whole system before we intervene. Please bring packed lunch, refreshments - teas/coffee/homemade herb teas provided.  £25


Emergence: Private Sessions

All year by appointment 


Usually following on a from an Emergence or Plant Sensitivity workshop, but not necessarily so, personal one to ones are designed to work with you on emotional questions or energies that have arisen in response to a developing inner awareness. Gentle guidance back into the inner felt sense enables people to truly allow and find compassionate understanding for things that have previously felt like blocks or barriers. These sessions may involve further plant sensing or may concentrate on the inner experience only, depending on the need. The Roundhouse offers a safe, warm retreat into yourself where things can be finally allowed and accepted without our usual conscious or indeed unconscious resistance to them, enabling a relaxation of the constriction and thus an integration back into the whole.

Personal 'Emergence' sessions can be booked all year and can be tailored to suit your particular interests or requirements, lasting as long as you feel appropriate. These could be a one off or repeating sessions over a few weeks or occasional throughout the year, the flexibility for you to decide what suits is there. Long distance Skype sessions are also available and work surprisingly well.

These are run on a donation basis (entirely depending on your own circumstances and appreciation) with a view to being able to offer free sessions for those who cannot afford to donate anything. 

Available midweek mornings or afternoons. Please ring or email to discuss if these might be more suited for your needs. 


 Emergence: 2-Day Retreats

Individual 2-day retreats to provide tailored experiences and Emergence sessions, working personally with Alison to create a sense of grounding and well-being, or to open to a deeper spiritual healing.  Each retreat will evolve according to your experience and choice and can include the following explorations -

  • Mental relaxation, mindfulness, curbing mental chatter
  • Felt experiencing of plants and wildlife, understanding the principles in nature
  • Permaculture basics and philosophy
  • Developing self-confidence, expressing creativity
  • Embodiment, inner awareness and developing emotional sensitivity
  • Recognising open-hearted ‘beingness’
  • Deepening communication with Nature
  • Emotional release and healing
  • Energy healing sessions (Alison is a qualified healer through the Healing Trust)



Any of the sessions and experiences listed in the one-day workshops can be offered and personal emergence sessions may be spontaneous or self-chosen. These two-day retreats have been offered in a group context but have proven so powerful I have decided to offer them as personal one-to-ones to give you full attention and enable sufficient quiet processing time too.

We can offer a single bed, one or two-night accommodation in a cosy off-grid bothy, or there is free camping space for tents on site . Local bed and breakfasts are also available if you need more luxury. Meals can be provided, or you can bring your own food and self-cater with a basic kitchenette in the Bothy (with cool box and camping gas stove). All drinks provided.

  • Basic Two-day Retreat, with no accommodation (free tent-camping space available) and no meals - £140

Add Lunch and Dinner (no breakfast) for one/two night stay -£155/£160)

  • Accommodation in the Bothy (self-catered) one/two-night - £155/£165


Add Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with single/two-night Accommodation in the Bothy - £175/£195


Please contact if your circumstances mean you cannot afford full prices, help with costs available.






All workshops run by Alison Ensor at Foxfield LAND Centre, Gretton Fields, Glos. GL54 5HH which is accredited through the Permaculture Association UK. 


Workshops prices are as listed and I offer a discount of 15% for family members who book and attend together
(ie partners or parent and teenagers) and low-waged/unemployed attendees. 
Children over 7 and under 14 accompanied by an adult, are welcome to attend workshops (no extra charge). Younger children can visit if fully attended at all times, we have open water and tools on site however, and cannot allow young children to attend workshops.
Ring to book on 01242 621152 or contact via website email or message me on Facebook.




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