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Foxfield Permaculture LAND Centre

Foxfield LAND Centre

Hi, my name is Alison Ensor and I run our house and garden as a permaculture demonstration LAND Centre (through the Permaculture Association scheme) in Gloucestershire, UK. I have a diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and run workshops and open days to help others get inspired too.

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The new 2021 programme for open days and workshops will be here soon, of course all dependent on the COVID situation at the time. As an outdoor space we can accomodate individual or small groups for tours which we will be open for again beginning of April 2021. Please contact me if you would like to be added to the email list to receive the workshop programme.


The Emergence personal one-to-one sessions run throughout the winter either socially distanced here or via Skype during lockdown, and a seasonal programme of workshops will be offered again for 2021, again subject to restrictions. I offer these sessions to help people nourish a deeper connection with Nature - both in the sense of the listening to landscape, plants and wildlife, but also to listen and take care of our own inner 'Nature'.  Please see the  page for more details and express an interest by email if you would like to be contacted when things are up and running again.


Thank you for dropping by, please take a look at some of the comments below, and  hope to see you soon!



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Quotes from some of the 364 people who have visited to date -

"Lovely to see the variety in the space and hear fresh perspectives for 'problems'."

Emily, Stroud Permaculture Design Course2019


"Thank you! For the great tour around foxfield, you demonstrated every aspect of permaculture I can think of, from recycling, water harvesting and storage, different low impact building techniques. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn and meet you. All the best in your future projects"

Ryan, Cob Building Workshop , 2019


"Lovely and inspirational walk and talk, thank you very much!!"

Kinga Milankavic, Hungary Permaculture Association, 2018


"So nice to be back and visit the site again. I really like the philosophy at work here."

Chris Challis, Southampton. Stroud PDC Group, 2018


"How to make a garden really beautiful, wildlife friendly and productive. So much to learn!"

Anna and Nick Ballard, Bristol.  Open Day 2018


"An encyclopedia of knowledge and ideas. Very awesome"

Pete Marshall, Stroud Permaculture Design Certificate group, 2017


"You have a beautiful garden Alison, thank you the tour and the chat, a couple of lightbulb moments for our land!"

Anna Cunningham, Raglan, New Zealand, 2017




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