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Permaculture Alison

Foxfield LAND Centre

Hi, my name is Alison Ensor and I run our house and garden as a permaculture demonstration LAND Centre (through the Permaculture Association scheme). I have a diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and run workshops and open days to help others get inspired too.

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Latest at Foxfield


We have been spending most of 2017 building our new strawbale roundhouse studio and have loads of photos showing the progress to date - please take a look at the new RoundHouse project page. 


If your interested in joining a new Permaculture Group meeting up to help out on projects, learn stuff and meet local permies please contact me via the Contact page and I'll add you to the list to receive emails.


The new Programme for 2018 will be out soon with lots of ideas for how to introduce permaculture into your garden or allotment, or live just a bit more 'eco-creatively'. 


Please LIKE us on Facebook to get updates and photos of progress on projects and up and coming events and workshops or you can email me to get notice by email.

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Quotes from some of the 236 people who have visited to date -


"An encyclopedia of knowledge and ideas. Very awesome"

Pete Marshall, Stroud Permaculture Design Certificate group, 2017


"You have a beautiful garden Alison, thank you the tour and the chat, a couple of lightbulb moments for our land!"

Anna Cunningham, Raglan, New Zealand, 2017


"Very interesting - will definitely try some of the ideas, though we have an allotment committee to battle with."

Karen Lewis and Ross Taylor, Heart Of England Gardening Group, Kenilworth, 2017


"Loved the grennhouse and the real quirky projects. Real inspiration. Thank you"

Nicki Julius, the Netherlands, 2016


"Thank you for the workshop. You reignited my enthusiam for all things permaculture and renewing creation with humanity!"

Chris Doran, Cheltenham, 2016


"Alison is a first rate innovator and beacon of knowledge. Great to spend a day by her side and enter a permaculture oasis, thank you!"

 Matthew Newsome, Derby , 2015


"Absolutely fascinating. Thankyou for an interesting and challenging afternoon!"

  Mark and Sonia Boulton, Chipping Camden, 2015


"Wonderful to see the design and evaluation folders"

 Cathy McBride, Cheltenham Green Doors Open Day, 2015


"I now have far too many ideas for things in my garden. Thanks for the inspiration!"

Poppy Leeder, Stroud Permaculture Design Course visit. 2015

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