The Strawbale RoundHouse

Photos of building the strawbale Roundhouse which started in January 2017.


First we dug out a circle to create flat ground for the circle of tyres, packed with sharp gravel, to sit as the foundation. Then we cut and sharpened all the stakes we would need to 'sew' the strawbales together and to locate the bales onto the base. Next we built a circular  'box beam' to sit on the tyres, filled with insulation, that would take the first round of bales. Once the bales were all built up we then placed another boxbeam on top and the whole sandwich was compressed down using lorry ratchet ties. The roof uses a central compression ring that takes the central weight of the beams and green roof , whilst a 1cm thick stainless steel wire holds the outwards pressure from pushing out the walls.. The outside was lime rendered and the inside was clay plastered using clay from the foundation digging. 


We are now just finishing off the inside decoration over the winter and the programme of 2019 will make use of the space both as an inside teaching space for workshops, but also as a meditation studio for deepening a connection to Nature, both our own and our Planet's.


  This building is classed as a garden studio and fits within the requirements for non building regs and planning.


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